Welcome to our old website! As of June 9, 2015 this site is no longer updated. For up-to-date information please go to www.visegradfund.org.


Today’s Council of Ambassadors approved projects sub­mit­ted within November and December dead­lines of Small Grants, V4EaP Extended Standard Grants, Visegrad University Studies Grants (includ­ing the EaP chap­ter), as well as 2012/2013 fel­lows within the Visegrad Scholarships at OSA. Congratulations to the approved grantees and fellows:

Approved VUSG/VUSG—EaP projects—November dead­line [ download button .PDF, 44 KB ]
Approved Small Grants—December 2012 dead­line [ download button .PDF, 19 KB ]
Approved Extended Standard Grants—December dead­line [ download button .PDF, 10 KB ]
Approved fel­lows within the Visegrad Scholarships at OSA [ download button .DOC, 42 KB ]
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