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Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs

The Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, which con­sists of the Ministers of the Foreign Affairs of the Visegrad Group coun­tries, is the supreme body of the Fund. The Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs shall deter­mine the amounts of annual con­tri­bu­tions and their due dates for every Member State, approves the rules of pro­ce­dure of the Secretariat, and approves the bud­get of the Fund, i.e., annual state­ments and clear­ance of the bud­get pre­sented by the Council of Ambassadors.

The Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs des­ig­nates from among its mem­bers its President. This pres­i­dency is rotat­ing in the English alpha­bet­i­cal order of the names of the Member States. The Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs adopts res­o­lu­tions unan­i­mously and meets at least once a year in order to esti­mate the imple­men­ta­tion of the tasks set forth in the present Statute.

In 2015, the Presidency of the Conference of Ministers is held by Hungary.

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