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The task of the Sec­re­tariat is to inform the gen­eral pub­lic about the pos­si­bil­i­ties of par­tic­i­pa­tion in the activ­i­ties of the Fund and to reg­is­ter and process all appli­ca­tions. To con­tact mem­bers of the Secretariat please use the e-mail addresses below or or leave a mes­sage via the Contact Form.

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Small Grants, Standard Grants, Strategic Grants, Visegrad+, V4EaP (Flagship Projects, Standard Grants—EaP, Scholarships for EaP), VUSG, Scholarships, Artist Residencies, Visegrad–Taiwan Scholarships; also see con­tact details for Trustees (in Belarus, Poland and Ukraine).

General con­tacts:

Andrea Babčanová, Head of Administration Department
Tel.: +421 259 203 811
E-mail: bab­canovaat signvisegradfund.org

Vik­tória Bódis­ováAssistant
Tel.: +421 259 203 802
E-mail: bod­is­ovaat signvisegradfund.org

Michal Pavlík, Public Relations Officer
Tel.: +421 259 203 811
E-mail: pavlikat signvisegradfund.org

Jiří SýkoraPub­lic Rela­tions Coordinator, Viseg­rad+ Pro­gram Coordinator
Tel.: +421 259 203 801
E-mail: sykoraat signvisegradfund.org

Small Grants/Strategic Grants/Visegrad+:

Adri­ana DvorskáProgram Manager: Small GrantsStrategic Grants/Strategic Conferences, Visegrad+
Tel.: +421 259 203 809
E-mail: dvorskaat signvisegradfund.org

Tanja MarkovićProject Coordinator: Small GrantsStrategic Grants/Strategic ConferencesVisegrad+
Tel.: +421 259 203 810
E-mail: markovicat signvisegradfund.org

Standard Grants:

Judita Nagy­ováPro­gram Manager: Stan­dard Grants
Tel.: +421 259 203 807
E-mail: nagy­ovaat signvisegradfund.org

Darina Lendvorská, Project Coordinator: Stan­dard Grants
Tel.: +421 259 203 803
E-mail: lend­vorskaat signvisegradfund.org

Katarína HubováProject Coordinator: Stan­dard Grants
Tel.: +421 259 203 814
E-mail: hubovaat signvisegradfund.org

V4EaP Program/V4–Taiwan Scholarships:

Lenka Bučková, Program Manager: V4EaP Program, Visegrad–Taiwan Scholarships
Tel.: +421 259 203 816
E-mail: buck­ovaat signvisegradfund.org

Ferenc Jári, EaP Coordinator
Tel.: +421 259 203 813
E-mail: jariat signvisegradfund.org

Denisa Pussová, Project Coordinator
Tel.: +421 259 203 812
E-mail: pussovaat signvisegradfund.org

Scholarships/Artist Residencies/VUSG:

Dana PekaríkováPro­gram Manager: VARPVUSGScholarships (from/to: AL, BA, HR, CZHU, XK, ME, MK, PL, RS, RU, SK)
Tel.: +421 259 203 804
E-mail: pekarikovaat signvisegradfund.org

Claire Sturm, Project Coordinator: VARPVUSGScholarships (from/to: AL, BA, HR, CZHU, XK, ME, MK, PL, RS, RU, SK)
Tel.: +421 259 203 808
E-mail: sturmat signvisegradfund.org


The task of the Fund’s Trustees/Honorary Trustees is to pro­mote the Fund and its activ­i­ties in given countries.

Veronika Antall-Horváth, Trustee for Hungary
Contact Form, or e-mail: antall-horvathat signvisegradfund.org

Piotr Bajda, Trustee for Poland
Contact Form, or e-mail: bajdaat signvisegradfund.org

Joanna Bojko, Honorary Trustee for Moldova
Contact Form, or e-mail: joanna.bojkoat signmfa.gov.pl

Alžběta ChmelařováHonorary Trustee for Ukraine
Tel.: +380 44 272 21 10
Contact Form, or e-mail: alzbeta_chmelarovaat signmzv.cz

István Gyebnár, Honorary Trustee for Georgia
Contact Form, or e-mail: IGyebnarat signmfa.gov.hu

Łukasz Jabloński, Honorary Trustee for Armenia
Contact Form, or e-mail: Lukasz.Jablonskiat signmsz.gov.pl

Magda Pospíšilová, Honorary Trustee for Belarus
Contact Form, or e-mail: magda.pospisilovaat signmzv.sk

Petr Vágner, Honorary Trustee for Azerbaijan
Contact Form, or e-mail: petr_vagnerat signmzv.cz


Veronika Kubeková, Intern
assis­tantat signvisegradfund.org

Former interns at the International Visegrad Fund:

Michaela Huľuková (SK), Winter/Spring 2015; Tereza Nováková (CZ), Winter 2015; Romana Mjartanová (SK), Fall 2014Michal Bokša (CZ), Spring/Summer 2014; Magda Feldeková (SK), Fall 2013; Vladyslav Svystak (UA), Fall 2013; Marianna Sebőová (SK), Summer 2013; Adam Jando (SK), Spring 2013; Viktor Borecký (SK), Spring 2013; Marta Kapica (PL), Spring 2013; Tomáš Teleky (SK), Spring 2013Veronika Šoltésová (SK), Spring 2013Ľubica Ragulová (SK), Fall/Winter 2012; Miriam Kanioková (SK), Summer/Fall 2012; Natalia Kierczak (PL), Fall 2012; Michał Łęski (PL), Spring 2012; Alena Marušincová (SK), Winter/Spring 2012; Jakub Lexa (CZ), Winter 2012; Lucia Pitoňáková (SK), Summer 2011; Andrea Boboková (SK), Spring/Summer 2011Blanka Caletková (CZ), Summer 2011; Pedro Brito (BR), Spring/Summer 2011Alena Vágnerová (CZ), Winter/Spring 2011; Ivana Odalošová (SK), Fall 2010; Veronika Strelcová (SK), Summer 2010; Lubica Melova (SK), Spring 2010; Olena Sharykina (UA), Spring 2010; Lenka Bučková (SK), Winter 2009/2010; Matej Kresáč (SK), Fall 2009; Judita Janičinová (SK), Summer 2009; Veronika Tencerová (SK), Summer 2009; Kristína Šabová (SK), Spring 2009; Petra Janíková, Winter/Spring 2009; Katarína Hubová (SK), Winter 2008/2009; Oldřich Smola (CZ), Fall 2008; Ágnes Vass (SK), Summer 2008; Bogdan Kotyk (UA), Spring/Summer 2008; Sylwester Nerc (PL), Spring 2008; Géza Kovács (HU), Spring 2008; Martina Kurhajcová (SK), Spring 2008; Ana Uher (RS), Winter/Spring 2008; Eva Kullová (SK), Fall 2007; Lýdia Kovalíková (SK), Summer/Fall 2007; David Kupka (SK), Summer 2007; Lilianna Uczkiewicz (PL), Summer 2007; Zuzana Kepplová (SK), Summer 2007; Zuzana Chovanová (SK), Spring 2007.

For inquiries about intern­ship pos­si­bil­i­ties please con­tact Andrea Babčanová.

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    F: +421 259 203 805
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    Bank account:
    IBAN: SK29 1100 0000 0029 3600 0250

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