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Visegrad Strategic Conferences

The Visegrad Strategic Conferences grant pro­gram was estab­lished in 2014 as a sub-program of the Strategic Grants to fund conference-type events of strate­gic regional rel­e­vance. Annual bud­get for the Strategic Conferences chap­ter is €400,000.

Prospective appli­cants are highly encour­aged to con­sult the fund prior to the sub­mis­sion of their pro­pos­als. The pro­pos­als are to be sub­mit­ted in the form of an on-line appli­ca­tion form by the dead­line—April 15, 2015 (the term will open on Friday, March 20, 2015).

2015 edi­tion:

  • pro­pos­als will be accepted only from appli­cants reg­is­tered in Poland
  • projects must adhere to the fol­low­ing priorities:
    • The Development of the Civic Dimension of the Visegrad Cooperation
    • Modern Development of V4 Countries and Their Societies
  • Call for Proposals [ download button .PDF ]

Key con­di­tions:

  • prospec­tive appli­cants must have an excel­lent track record and rich expe­ri­ence with the fund’s grant pro­grams (pre­vi­ous suc­cess­ful projects imple­mented with the fund’s support)
  • the pro­posal must prove the given conference’s sig­nif­i­cant inter­na­tional impact as well as a strong regional (V4) relevance

Budget details:

  • over­head costs can­not exceed 10% of the granted sum
  • tangible/intangible assets can­not exceed 7% of the granted sum
  • the fund can cover 100% of the project budget
  • eval­u­a­tion period lasts up to 40 work days
  • no for­mal part­ner­ships (project part­ners) are required

Further information/application form:

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