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The Visegrad+ Program was estab­lished in 2008 from the so-called Flexible Fund. Visegrad+ is a grant pro­gram cre­ated to admin­is­ter and finance projects which con­tribute to the democ­ra­ti­za­tion and trans­for­ma­tion processes in selected coun­tries and regions, espe­cially non-EU mem­ber states in Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus (the EU’s Eastern Partnership), and the Western Balkans.

So far, projects were focused on Belarus, Georgia, Serbia, and the whole Western Balkan region (see pre­vi­ously approved project pro­pos­als).

The pri­or­ity tar­get coun­tries, pri­or­ity ori­en­ta­tion and project top­ics (see below) for Visegrad+ projects are defined and approved by the deci­sion of the Conference of Ministers. Calls for pro­pos­als are announced on the Fund’s web­site. Projects are reviewed and admin­is­tered by the Fund’s Secretariat; project pro­pos­als selected by the National V4 Coordinators are for­mally approved by the Council of Ambassadors and Conference of Ministers. Project top­ics are selected in com­pli­ance with the Statute of the Fund.

The pri­or­i­ties for 2015 are as follows:

  1. Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights
  2. Good Governance
  3. Regional Cooperation in the Fields of Education and Culture
  4. EU Approximation
  5. Environment and Sustainable Development

See: Call for pro­pos­als (2015) [ download button .PDF, 31 KB ]
Deadline: 11:59:59 a.m. on May 15, 2015

Previously approved projects:

2014—Focus Western Balkans

Visegrad+ Western Balkans (2014): List of approved project pro­pos­alsdownload button .DOCX, 20.7 KB ]

2012—Focus Western Balkans

Visegrad+ Western Balkans (2012): List of approved project pro­pos­als [ download button .PDF, 36.4 KB ]

2010—Focus Georgia

Vocational Training Development Focused on Georgian IDPs and NGO Empowerment with Emphasis on V4 Transformation and EU Accession

Goals: retrain­ing, voca­tional train­ing, devel­op­ment of social enterprise

Grantee: Czech Fundraising Center (České cen­trum fundraisingu), Prague (CZ)

Approved bud­get: €120,000

Implementation period: 2010–2011

Vocational Trainings for Vulnerable IDPs in Georgia

Goals: train­ing work­shops (busi­ness English, com­puter literacy)

Grantee: Hungarian Baptist Aid (Baptista Szeretetszolgálat Alapítvány), Budapest (HU)

Approved bud­get: €75,000

Implementation period: 2011–2012

Sharing V4 Experience of the EU Integration: Technical Assistance in the Areas of Legislation Reform and Cooperation with NGOs

Goals: empow­er­ing Georgian civil soci­ety, cre­at­ing a base for decen­tral­iza­tion, devel­op­ment of mon­i­tor­ing and advo­cacy capac­i­ties of NGOs

Grantee: Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (DemNet), Budapest (HU)

Approved bud­get: €90,000

Implementation period: 2011

Empowering National Minorities through Developing Civil Society in Minority-Populated Regions of Georgia

Goals: devel­op­ment of insti­tu­tional capac­ity of minor­ity NGOs (capac­ity train­ings, small grants, dia­log with gov­ern­ment representatives)

Grantee: European Centre for Minority Issues—Caucasus, Tbilisi (GE)

Approved bud­get: €60,000

Implementation period: 2011

2009—Focus Serbia

Learning from Experience: V4 Countries

Goals: orga­niz­ing a con­fer­ence, pro­duc­ing a 45″ doc­u­men­tary film, pub­lish­ing of a brochure

Grantee: Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia, Belgrade (RS)

Approved bud­get: €79,000

Implementation period: 2009–2011

Political Parties and Engaged Public (Encouragement of Civil Engagement to Control Leadership of Political Parties)

Goals: train­ing in pub­lic engage­ment of NGO rep­re­sen­ta­tives, inde­pen­dent jour­nal­ists, pro­fes­sional associations

Grantee: Center for Development of Civil Society (Centar za razvoj civilnog društva), Zrenjanin (RS)

Approved bud­get: €60,000

Implementation period: 2010–2012

2009—Focus Belarus

Presentation of the Literature of the Visegrad Group Countries to the Belarusian Society

Goals: trans­la­tion into Belarusian and pub­lish­ing of V4 literature

Grantee: East European Democratic Center, Warsaw (PL)

Approved bud­get: €154,440

Implementation period: 2009–2011


Transfer of Visegrad Countries’ Experience in the Education System Reform

Goals: cre­ation of mod­ern teach­ing method­olo­gies; draft­ing a con­cept of new edu­ca­tion sys­tem and a cur­ricu­lum in human­i­ties; cre­at­ing a net­work of Belarusian experts in the field of education

Grantee: Association for International Affairs (Asociace pro mez­inárodní otázky), Prague (CZ)

Approved bud­get: €200,000

Implementation period: 2009–2011

2008—Focus Belarus

Promotion Campaign in Belarusian Media

Goals: adver­tise­ments and PR arti­cles about the Visegrad Group and the International Visegrad Fund and its pro­grams in print and elec­tronic media)

Grantees: Civic Belarus (Občanské Bělorusko), Prague (CZ); College of Eastern Europe (Kolegium Europy Wschodniej), Wrocław (PL)

Approved bud­get: €80,000

Implementation period: 2008–2009

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