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The Council of Ambassadors approved the fol­low­ing grant projects and schol­ar­ships sub­mit­ted within the March 1 dead­line of Small Grants and January 31 dead­line of the Visegrad Scholarship Program:

List of approved Small Grants—deadline of 1 March 2011download button .xls, 31 KB ]
Lists of approved scholarships—deadline of 31 January 2011


As of the first 2011 grant dead­line (March 1) sev­eral changes occur in Small, Standard and Strategic Grants. Applicants are kindly requested to care­fully read the new rules and the Grant Guidelines. All pre­vi­ously approved grant projects fol­low the rules valid at the time of their approval and as stip­u­lated in the respec­tive contracts.

Guidelines for Small, Standard and Strategic Grants (2011)
New Rules—Small Grants (2011)download button .pdf, 75 KB ]
New Rules—Standard Grants (2011)download button .pdf, 75 KB ]
New Rules—Visegrad Strategic Program (2011)download button .pdf, 75 KB ]


The year’s first Council of Ambassadors—held in Budapest on 26 January 2011—approved the fol­low­ing projects within Small Grants, VUSG and VARP in New York:

List of approved Small Grants—deadline of 1 Dec. 2010download button .pdf, 17.3 KB ]
List of approved 2010 VUSG—dead­line of 10 Nov. 2010 [ download button .pdf, 34.5 KB ]
List of approved 2011 VARP in New York sub­mit­ted on 20 Dec. 2010 [ download button .pdf, 21.4 KB ]


In coop­er­a­tion with Futura Prague and Triangle Arts Association, New York, the Fund is launch­ing a VARP sub­pro­gram titles Visegrad Artist Residencies in New York. Deadline for appli­ca­tions is 20 December 2010.

More information—VARP in New York


The first meet­ing of the Visegrad Alumni in Ukraine took place on 29 November 2010 at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Kyiv. The meet­ing was attended by Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, the Fund’s Executive Director Petr Vágner and V4 diplo­mats posted in Ukraine. See more:

Alumni meeting—invitationdownload button .pdf, 440 KB ]
Family photo—H.E. Schwarzenberg and the alumnidownload button .jpg, 1.34 MB ]
Family photo—H.E. Schwarzenberg, P. Vágner and V4 diplo­matsdownload button .jpg, 1.55 MB ]


The Conference of Ministers approved the fol­low­ing project pro­pos­als sub­mit­ted within the Visegrad+ call towards Georgia:

Approved 2010 Visegrad+ project pro­pos­als with the focus on Georgia


The Council of Ambassadors approved projects within the September dead­lines of Standard Grants and the Visegrad Artist Residency Program (VARP). The com­plete lists are avail­able below:

List of Approved Standard Grants (September 2010 dead­line)download button .xls, 94 KB ]
List of Approved VARP projectsdownload button .xls, 31 KB ]


The Council of Ambassadors approved projects within the September dead­line of Small Grants. The com­plete list is avail­able here:

List of Approved Small Grants—September 2010 dead­linedownload button .xls ]


Please note that the dead­line for the Visegrad Strategic Program in 2011 will be 16 May 2011. Thank you for understanding.


The Council of Ambassadors approved the fol­low­ing pri­or­i­ties for the Visegrad Strategic Program for 2011:

  1. Internal Cohesion of the Visegrad Group,
  2. Promotion of the Visegrad Group (V4) in Central Europe and the EU as Part of the 20thAnniversary of the V4,
  3. Social Inclusion of the Roma Population, and
  4. Youth and Sports Exchanges.
2011 Priorities for the Visegrad Strategic Program—further details


On the occa­sion of the 20th anniver­sary of the estab­lish­ment of the Visegrad Group (see more on the first Visegrad Summit), the International Visegrad Fund in coop­er­a­tion with the four respec­tive for­eign min­istries plan to mark the anniver­sary with a pub­lic debate and accom­pa­ny­ing events which are to take place in Brussels, Belgium in February 2011. Proposals are accepted until 16 September 2010.

Call for Proposals—Brussels events, II/2011


The Council of Ambassadors approved projects sub­mit­ted within the June dead­line of Small Grants. The com­plete list is avail­able here:

List of Approved Small Grants June 2010 Deadline


The International Visegrad Fund announces a call for pro­pos­als for Visegrad+ projects towards the Republic of Georgia in the fol­low­ing areas:

  1. Vocational Training Reform and Vocational Training for IDPs
  2. Sharing V4 Experience with the EU Integration: Legislation Reform and Cooperation with NGOs
  3. Sharing V4 Know-How on Decentralization of Administration Structures

Deadline for pro­pos­als is Wednesday 15 September 2010. For more details please see the Call for Proposals and the Rules of the Visegrad+ Program.


The Council of Ambassadors approved fund­ing of projects selected within the March 2010 dead­line of Standard Grants. Please see below the com­plete list:

List of Approved Standard Grants March 2010 Deadline


The Council of Ambassadors approved the 2010/2011 schol­ar­ships (January 2010 dead­line). The lists of approved schol­ars are avail­able below (please note that the approved schol­ars will be noti­fied by e-mail later today):

Visegrad Scholarship Program: Approved Scholarships 2010/2011

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